Gina DaVinci x Foreigner


The Rough Tongue slayer is back aka Gina DaVinci with her new single “Foreigner” off that Clips and Lipstick Mixtape. Gina DaVinci is coming off fresh from mommy duty, congrats to her newest addition and also is apart of the military (We salute her for protecting our country). The female rap slayer is coming for people’s heads in this newest project she has laid out. When people don’t see an artist for a while people began to sleep on em’. But not Gina DaVinci she came back with alarms and sledgehammers for that ass! Her music goes hard and will keep you on your toes as well. Support the talented wordsmith on her new music . Welcome back Gina DaVinci!

Kierra Sheard x Don’t Quit (Saving Our Daughters)


Gospel Artist and recent BET Sunday Best judge Kierra Sheard has partnered up with nonprofit Saving Our Daughters campaign entitled “Don’t Quit”. The campaign is for prevention against homelessness. Kierra Sheard’s single entitled 2nd Win fits perfectly for the campaign’s efforts…

Sade Serena x Renegade


You and I would compare her style to that of a young Rihanna but if you listen to her voice you wouldn’t do any comparing. Sade Serena can hold a note, tune her voice with that of the best instruments and can still pull off that shy sexiness which is quite appealing. Sade Serena is the new face on the music block. Recently signed to Island Def Jam, Sade Serena has already topped at #2 on the BillBoard Charts for her single Renegade. Sade Serena is not only a fresh face to music but she also has actress nod under her belt for Queen Latifah produce movie entitled Percentage featuring heavy weight entertainers such as Cam’ron and Malinda Williams. Take a listen and spread the news about this Island gyal talent.

BET’s Sunday’s Best, Best moment!


Last night, like most of the Christian community that support the gospel industry I tuned into BET Sunday Best.
In the following picture above which features two contestants for the gospel singing reality show. One of the contestant’s is named Dennis Christopher Brigham.  I am pointing out this gentleman because last night he was the best part of the show! Homeboy said “Kim Burrell I don’t like you from the lasttime I was here!…” lol
Dennis went off on celebrity gospel judges Donnie McClurkin and Kim Burrell. Here’s what happened, during and after Dennis song audition McClurkin and Burrell were conversing and laughing the entire time. I as a viewer of last night’s show was appalled and disappointed by their actions as judges. I totally agreed with the contestant’s frustration and verbal assault on the two judges. The follow up for that incident was a clip with Kim and Donnie apologizing to Dennis. Personally I believe they did it to save face! (Video footage to follow stay tuned)