@RamonClemente presents #Airmonchotour 

The streets say there’s a stigma attached to the infamous Daniel O’Connell Park (featured in 1998’s film BELLY)located on Murdock Ave between 196 and 197th streets in Saint Albans, Queens. However stereotypical it may be there’s one thing that can’t be denied, OCP produces talent on the COURT!

International Champion star Ramon Clemente aka Air Moncho  is a prime example of that remarkable talent.  Ramon Clemente is what you would call Top of the Food chain in the international basketball community

Ramon Clemente is one of the best players in the international league, goes by the sports nickname Air Moncho for how effortlessly he glides throught the air to deliver the ball to the hoop over his opponents. This past summer right before he left for his new season, Ramon hosted for the 2ND year in a row his #AirMoncho tour which caters to the innercity youth from his surrounding neighborhoods in northside Queens, New York. Pictured above are shots from the amazing turnout! Children of all different ages ranging from 6-18 years old came through for Clemente’s extensive basketball lessons on the court. There was music provided by ole school DJ Hollywood, free school supplies available to those who attended, free food and drinks for the children as well as adults.

Owner of urbanwear/menswear NoodleCupGang, Ramon Clemente is also a graduate of Witchta State University.

 You can stay up to date with him on instagram/ramonclemente and visit 


Dat0wn Studios : @bolly_bgm x @kiddkiddrllnr 

Pictured: @teardropz718 @thirstmulah_nof @bolly_bgm @kiddkiddrllnr all live @dat0wn studios

Known for being the former spot of legendary Jam Master Jay, Dat0wn studios ran by “Teardropz“, has been quite busy this year…

A year ago “Teardropz” hosted a listening event for popular independent artist Grafh. Nowadays, Dat0wn studios is home to some of the most trending artist in the country; @821music @tytrilly_music @kevdotpeasly just to name a few . 

This particular night in August, artist Bolly and 50 Cent artist KiddKidd (The Unit) came through along with artist Thrist Mula to record one of the best records to date…. To follow up on the latest with them follow @bolly_bgm for details… to book a session at Dat0wn Studios contact @tony2usquares on instagram. Check out more on what’s up @dat0wn also on instagram….

Lincoln Park Classic

 “My team in the cut / packin middle things / I got more foreign shooters than the Sacramento Kings” – 50 Cent (Follow Me Gangsta)

There’s nothing like Summer in New York City! One place to definitely be at is in Queens, New York specifically South Side Jamaica, Queens for some of the greatest moments in music and sports.

That’s right some of the most talented individuals in sports have come out of South Jamaica, Queens; NY. You don’t believe us here’s a few heads: Rafer Alston and Lamar Odom

Pictured @kkdadon821 x #PufftheMayor at Lincoln Park Championship game

The Qweens got to experience a special game “The Lincoln Park Classic ” hosted by a collective of those affiliated with the surrounding neighborhood of Lincoln Park. The crowd was huge, excitement at an all time high, music blazing by @african_ike (instagram) and commentator Tracy was live on the mic as the games progressed week after week… You had Lamar Odom in the park, Jakwad (Just a Kid with a Dream) which had @rahmoney116, @kingjake_gis, Puff the Mayor just to name a few that we saw, 2Gz’s , TyTrilly and New York Trap influential popular rap group 821 all in the park for the infamous Lincoln Park Classic Championship games… Ya’ll be glad to know Queens own Lincoln Park team won the trophy against the Brooklyn team on the night of August 16, 2016. 

Until next year check out those involved and connect with them on instagram.Check for past footage with us #theqweens @theqweens_com on instagram as well…

‘Lip Sync Battle’ Host LL Cool J Discusses Transition From Grammys Hosting And On-Set Spontaneity — Deadline

A two-time Grammy winning recording artist—infatuated with rap and hip-hop since his formative years, growing up in Queens—LL Cool J last year took over hosting duties on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, never anticipating that the series would become an Emmy-nominated pop culture phenomenon two seasons in. Every week, the series pits A-list couples, siblings…

via ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Host LL Cool J Discusses Transition From Grammys Hosting And On-Set Spontaneity — Deadline

Petty, but Mr. Nice Tie instead…

The most seductive thing about art is the personality of the artist himself. Paul Cezanne

Witty, observant , charming and a good fellow for conversing; Mr. Nice Tie will have you laughing, crying, raging or even dancing all at the same darn time without physically telling u to do so with just a simple click and “voila” magic happens… “Laughter” … The face of the infamous Petty Post (instagram/pettypost) we present…

Aaron Williams aka @mrnicetie hails from Kingston, Jamaica and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He started making funny memes in 2010 and gained popularity in the Instagram community with large amounts of reposts which grew his social media audience. 

Two years later he created the hashtag #pettypost featuring hilarious video memes which quickly went viral.  The idea with #pettypost is a nightly showcase of a series of the funniest content created by Mr. Nice Tie to give you the audience, the simple pleasure of laughter . You can catch him on instagram at @mrnicetie and @pettypost… He also has a series of events he hosts plus radio show and graphic designer… Mr. NICE Tie always ready to make you smile 😆

Been my Turn! Handsome Balla

A young kid who always had a dream of doing music and never really knew how to start it being that I had so much I wanted to express in a matter of 2 or three verses, so as time grew I just tried my best to stay consistent with it as much as possible until I was finally heard and recognized ….- Handsome Balla (East New York; Brooklyn, New York)

Growing up, Handsome Balla’s grandmother always called him handsome and it just stuck with his psych ever since. His crew always called him Balla because he is always dressed to the nines lookin fly like the young fly bawse that he is… So why is Handsome Balla the talk in these New York City streets lately?

Balla dropped his first single Trust These Niggas and the outcome was nothing but love from jump, ever since he has been consistently droppin music with hit after hit. Handsome Balla hails from the same infamous streets that birthed popular artist Uncle Murda , East New York aka Brooklyn. In Brooklyn you gotta be ready for any and everything, well Handsome Balla’s release from the hood has been through his music . He speaks of the positive space he is in currently because of his music generating such positive feedback, the only way he can go from here is UP!

Handsome Balla comes from a household who played good music like David Ruffin, Bob Marley, and Marvin Gaye just to name a few. All those moments of singing along with those legends encouraged his talent for songwriting, also infused the idea to remain realistic in his lyrics because he likes to be about what he raps about. Mostly, Handsome Balla likes his audience to feel what he is saying in his music. Balla dropped a second single entitled Rihanna and the aftermath was nothing but love, soon Handsome Balla was getting hits by some ya’lls favorite rappers then he started getting invited to shows to perform and its been good vibes since. Often stopped for photos in his hood, Handsome Balla wants his fans to know he’s not only here to entertain he’s here to deliver you his message in a couple bars so just press play and listen…. catch him on Instagram/handsome_balla  and soundcloud/ballaruffinmusic

A different concept,The BAAC

I think if you are creative then it’s an unstoppable thing. It just keeps coming throughout your entire life. Gary Numan

Yo, CC this designer is makin moves,real moves” words said to me by head engineer Teardropz at Dat0wn Studios (90-10 Merrick blvd) .

The BAAC (pronounced Bake) is a society of creators whose belief is that in order to create, one must create their own atmosphere for creativity. The message is… We, BAAC aka Create our own existence everyday we rise up.

Formally the Big Apple AV8R club, BAAC stands for Big Apple Audio Visual (8) Forever Reigns. Hailing from Far Rockaway’s Beach 41st public housing , Paulie as he is called or Maha comes from a family with a collective of talent ranging from anything like music,modeling to fashion. It was a wake up call while making music, he used to rap; that Paulie realized his true calling was in his craft for designing clothing. 

The BAAC designs are inspired by the life style I part take in on a daily basis touched by the music culture, random people and most of all my children; they are my daily reminder of why I elevate my thought process for the better of myself and my brand. Grateful for the independence of being my own boss I’m able to create at a better level which reminds me I’ll be in South America handling business Aug 2, 2016 for the advancement of myself and my brand. 


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