Rih vs Bey?!

Can you even say this?

While they are currently both on the same label and have the same management Beyonce and Rihanna have never been on the same track with each other, let alone the same tv screen or appearance slot together! NOTHING! They have worked with some of the same faces. Now we all know that Rihanna is just as talented as Beyonce but, and that is a huge BUT there are some differences. As much as I love Riri, I honestly believe she doesn’t have the class and “well rounded ness” Beyonce has. Like let’s be real. While Riri is a household name, you will never see her singing at an Inaugural anything. Like lets just be serious. The only half naked person you will see smoking a fat blunt at like 5 am on Instagram is Rihanna. And thats only one of the many differences between the too. However I do believe that Riri could handle a halftime show tho. Riri is a Rockstar I definitely think she would have killed her performance too, if it had been her. Beyonce has a fragrance out, Rihanna has fragrances out. They are both touring. They have both done acting. Rihanna got her feet wet with “Battleship” Beyonce’s record is more extensive (Fighting Temptations, Austin Powers. Gold Member, Obsessed) Rihanna has numerous #1s! But Qween B is Qween B. I mean like it’s weird. I love them both as artist. But when it’s all said and done my hearts with Riri. And I know for a fact Candace is sold on Beyonce!

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