Panama x Money,Power, Respect

 Money x Power x Respect by Panama

Been in this rap game for awhile (Google him), known to please the ladies (all preferences by the way, he don’t discriminate lol) Rapper/actor (The Wire) Panama presents a new sound and persona in this rap game (check out his AIM series on youtube channel “itspanamababy” ) . We met Panama back in 2011 at the Pyramid club during a Terrell Blair showcase. Following the showcase we ended up walking and chopping it up with the talented Panamanian brother. From then to now he has not only transformed musically but is quite the eye candy nowadays ladies lol.

The video Money x Power x Respect is off Panama’s new project called The Panama Canal”. The single is an ole school anthem formerly of the Lox, Panama puts his creative twist on it and makes it his own. The song really surprised us because we’re not use to this hardcore,punk rock,in your face Panama but we definitely love it and look forward to hearing more from him. Spread the sound ya’ll…

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