Silent War: Rihanna throws SHADE!


I don’t understand why there is so much shade being thrown! Riri like I don’t get it. Did she sleep with Hov? Did Riri steal one of Beyoncé ideas? Did Bey snatch a song you wanted to sing? Or is all simply to get reactions out of me, or just music lovers period. And this isn’t an overnight accusation because I want to understand. Riri recently posted a “surfboard” picture on her ig. Riri then goes on to say that she wasn’t going to post the picture, however her smile made it seem like she wasn’t “doing the most”. Never wanting to be associated with “bigging” Qween Bey up she says nothing about a surfboard. I see SHADE written all over these photos. Riri is super talented, sexy, admired, stalked, and smart. Like I could go on and on because she’s Rihanna! Even my spell check knows who you are! Yet still up to date she’s no Beyoncé. I’ve never seen her and Blue Ivy together in a picture. If there are some pictures they haven’t been made public and you did congratulate the couple when she was born “Aunty” Riri love the kids right? So what gives ?! I’m honestly starting to think Kim K and Riri are in the same boat when it comes to Mrs. Carter #YOUCANTSITWITHME …

More like I do not wish to be bothered. No pictures, no new music, no nothing. When Beyonce dropped her surprise album she received so much applause from so many different artist (Trina, Lady Gaga) just to name a few. Riri on the other hand said nothing and made no remarks on Bey’s return. There are numerous dramatic differences between these two Iconic females! JayZ presents Riri with THE FIRST EVER ICON award. I’m not even going to front that’s a huge @$$ deal! Girls will be girls but I really feel things went sour between them but because of who they are and what is riding on their careers and reputations I guess they decided to sweep it under the rug. I’ll be nice if you’re nice type of situation, like should our paths cross lets just smile for the camera and keep it moving … I could be wrong (I don’t know) but then again none of us outsiders know. The surfboard pic was the epitome of throwing shade when it comes to these two! I love them both so what’s really good?!

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