Launch NYC / Fashion Week


Launch NYC Presents: Manufacture New York

Incubator Runway Show/ Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2014

MNY Mission Statement: Our mission is to reawaken and rebuild America’s fashion industry, foster the next wave of business, and create a transparent, sustainable global supply chain. MNY is a hybrid fashion incubator and factory dedicated to providing independent fashion designers with the resources and skills to streamline their process, from concept to customer. We are driving the transformation of local manufacturing, so it can be the most affordable, innovative, and sustainable option for all.

February is not only a month to celebrate black history, but a month to celebrate the FASHION TRENDS OF THE WORLD! Yesterday’s fashion shows were AMAZING, and FABULOUS! The first show included pieces from ABACAXI, VAUNT&SOL, and HEART&NOBLE. The second show that took place included looks from MINNOJI, MODU, and MIMI NEW YORK. Soft pieces and hardcore themes all put together in so many different ways! @Launch_NYC Is brilliant! There is also a pop up shop that on lookers can pop into and get similar looks fresh off the runway! Hand bags, watches, tops, bottoms, and dresses alike! Stop in and check it out: Located at 55 W17 st between 5th and 6th avenues.

There will be so many different shows taking place throughout the month. Make sure you get your tickets, look your best and have fun; that’s what fashion is all about!

Don’t forget to follow #LaunchNYC on twitter for more fashion news and pop up shops @Launch_NYC

LAUNCH NYC is an 8-day experience that takes NYFW to a whole new level. LAUNCH NYC combines a state-of-the-art runway with luxurious retail and showroom space. Designers can show their latest collection on the runway, and then host their samples in the adjacent showroom for private appointments with buyers and press, while selling from their current collection to New York’s fashion-loving public in the retail pop-up store. This is a model for the future that not only makes sense from a marketing and branding point of view, but also from an economic standpoint for independent designers. LAUNCH NYC is an innovative, integrated New York Fashion Week experience that is sustainable for designers and the fashion industry as a whole



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