LAUNCH NYC: Ready to Wear/ Couture and Demi-Couture fall/winter 2014



Heart&Noble is a London & NY based jewelry label that lays bare the beauty of “ordinary” Created and directed by Cristina Gabriele, Heart&Noble is inspired by industrial design and brilliance if everyday objects. Cristina’s inspiration comes from the hidden splendor of the engineered world around us. She ensures her pieces are compelling and distinct.



Monica Canilao creates paintings that are both delicate and raw. Her pieces pay homage to traditional handicrafts as well as high art. Complex Magazine named Canilao a “top street artist to watch in 2014” Her solo show at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects opens June 21st



Launched in 2013 by Sheena Sood, abacaxi channels the tropics. She creates a unique urban-island aesthetic. Sheena Sood lives in Brooklyn, Ny

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