The Real Kiyanne

Its my job to call it how I see or hear it! How can someone who sounds so gangster in her raps be so nice?!

Rap’s new comer Kiyanne is on fire and is Queens most recent hot commodity, braces an all! The young female rapper strongly and sternly says she doesn’t support bashing other artist (even if its in support of her) and her music. I’m impressed! I mean it’s still early on in the game but damn her sound is harder then a lot of the female rappers/artist out now. Streets meet young school girl, and shes not a “bird” even though her alter ego “Thotty D” might suggest otherwise. The Qweens think its brilliant. Her flow is putting her on the map and on hip hop’s radar. If I said she was another Nicki wanna be I’d be lying! From the looks of it Kiyanne is getting ready to make the rap scene her new stopping grounds… Y’all ready for her?
From the director who brought you guys some of the hottest videos out now; Shatek the producer (Beatsonfilm) brings Kiyanne on to the scene. Her following keeps increasing! Curious to see what she brings to the table next check out her latest song entitled “LookingAssBitches” out now! Kiyanne loves herself some Nicki Minaj and refers to her as Mutha. Check out her other tracks “Mouthpiece” and “Trophies” also out now!

Follow her on twitter and Instagram @therealkiyanne

She’s really skilled at hurting feelings so watch your mouth! #Killemkiy #Killenkiy


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