The Qweens x Queen’s rapper Kiyanne

Today TheQween‘s Joyaduhhh was on set for Kiyanne‘s latest video entitled “Trophies”. Want to know the young Qween a little better?

Kiyanne is 20 years old, super humble, and rap is her new playground. Kiyanne has been rapping since the age of 15, but admits she was trash at first. As hard as she is now, you would think it came natural. Either way I know she was born for this and the way her personality is setup proves that. She can rap and sing! Good music, fun, laughter, and of course morals are what she’s bringing to the table. Pull up!

Her producer and fans are heavy in her corner. All are screaming #killemkiy, that’s exactly what she does every time she opens her mouth! However please proceed to address her with caution, Kiy is a professional sh*t talker … So watch your mouth you’ve been warned!

I know she has a lot up her sleeves, although she wouldn’t dish out what’s next on her plate. Kiy goes on to say that she’ll be at the top very soon. Follow her on vine, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram @therealkiyanne and of course make sure you follow @theqweens for all your #Killemkiy updates!

Make sure you go to to stay in tune with THEREALKIYANNE make sure you follow her on twitter and instagram @therealkiyanne Huge thank you to Kiy and Shatek #beatsonfilm got next!

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