John Ridley x Steve McQueen BEEF?


So, last nights 86th Academy Awards blesses the golden child Lupita Nyongo, the movie 12 Years a Slave, and its writer John Ridley. Funny thing is we thought it was just us when we watched Ridley give his speech thanking everyone but Director Steve McQueen!  Yes I said that, cause when the camera went by the section seating the entire cast from the movie, you would have noticed the weird hand clap director Steve McQueen gave for the speech. Well it has surfaced all over the internet and our suspicions were true. Apparently, Steve McQueen has been getting all the praises for the film that John Ridley actually wrote the adaptation for and presented for possible movie recognition. So this is sad for a movie that speaks bout our history as African Americans, slavery and the two head wing men for the story who are black are having a dispute nationally.

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