A Night In Paris

If there’s anything in the industry that I can’t stand it seriously would have to be live tapings! Over the top personalities, extra drama, and unwanted egos I’d rather not deal with.

TheQweens attended “A Night in Paris” this evening and lets just say it should’ve been called a night from hell! Disorganized, unruly, and just downright tacky.

What was supposed to be a night of ohhs and awes in appreciation of the arts was shortened when K Michelle went out of her way to disrespect and curse out a fan over a bathroom backstage. The same fan who says she too prayed for the singer after she was hospitalized. Fan and celebrity blogger Candace C. was rudely rushed out of the females bathroom this evening by MALE SECURITY guards, how disgusting. To add insult to injury, on Candace’s way out she gives security the ice grill and has an eye stand off with K Michelle. Candace’s next words were “You can’t be serious, it’s not that serious.” Once behind the bathroom door K Michelle yells “Yes it’s that fucking serious!” Before we could further exchange words we decided to leave rather then cause an even bigger scene. After tonights weird case of events, we have a few questions. Who exactly is Paris Phillips and why is she so loud? All we saw her do was be obnoxious and yell at people on camera. Paris reminds me of Khadijah James’ character off of “Living Single”. With fans knowing that K Michelle would be in the building, it was a mob scene in front of the spot. The unruly crowd outside included people who purchased tickets for the show case, others were VIPs and media who were made to wait and freeze outside so un-professional.

On a better note, shouts to the big homie Maino and our good friend WinkLoc who were also in attendance. Pynk Mag girls Mecca Moore and Meeka Claxton were in the building as well. Quick question: Will Mecca ever crack a smile and do her hair? She always looks like she overworked and underfucked. We hope Sonyae Elise had a good live performance. She always sounds horrible live. Tonight was just so not what we were expecting. At least the venue was nice!

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