K Michelle: “I didn’t want to come!”

TheQweens spent the day in the city. Candace is getting married so her dress fitting was today. Later after the fitting we decided we were hungry, so we grabbed some Boston Market. The Qweens bumped into Nema Kamar (well known event planner) while grabbing food. What a coincidence! Candace approached her because she kept saying that she looked familiar. Well we got to talking and she too was in attendance for a night in Paris aka a night in hell. Once we stated that K Michelle cursed us out she laughed and said “Oh we spoke about that this morning.” Nema had this to say: “K Michelle lives with me so in her defense, she was just released from the hospital and did not want to come. However since VH1 is taping she had to come. She’s really a nice person.” That’s all fine and dandy, but K Michelle had no right to have MALE security go in a woman’s bathroom and tell females to get out. We know for a fact Paris had her own “VIP” room if you’re K Michelle you’d think she’d have one too. Nema further commented that reality tv isn’t real and that producers weigh in on everything. She also stated that producers told Paris to say her showcase was wack. TheQweens disagree. “The Boom Boom Room” was a great showcase. We love Toshi’s! We know reality tv is far from being real.

Wish we would’ve stayed drama and all. Sonyae Elise we heard killed the stage. Beautiful person with a beautiful voice, I know low-key Candace is tight she missed such a great live performance.
So many people had such a wonderful time … lucky them.

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