Vh1’s Paris Phillips x Family torn?


Supposed Reality star Paris Phillips recently made threats a week ago toward us, the Qweens. The threat strung from a post about her planned “A night in Paris” showcase held at Galapagos Art Space in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn. As you saw in a previous write up, the event was uneventful. People were left standing in the freezing cold, everything was unorganized, and the Qweens dealt with a disgruntled K.Michelle calling herself removing people from a public bathroom for her own personal usage. Guess what K.Michelle got cursed the hell out! At this event the camera’s were rolling for K.Michelle’s reality tv show set to debut this year. We recently had a person comment on our posts referring to the threats that Paris Phillips threw our way, turns out its her own mother going by instagram name @pcppretty. Paris’s mother proclaims that Paris doesn’t acknowledge the woman who birthed her nor her brother. Above is confirmation we asked for earlier today just to be sure it was Paris Phillips mom.

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