Dyme-A-Dustin x Puma (SoHo)


It was freezing lastnight, but not too bad as I made my way to this exclusive listening event at the Puma sneaker store in SoHo (South of the Hudson) in Manhattan. Upon arrival I’m met with a full house of upscale designer types to the Broolyn and Harlem street type hipsters if you know what I mean. The store was pounding with hard beats banging from the DJ booth downstairs. The signature clothing backer Puma went all out in decorations of last night’s guest performer Atlantic recording artist  Dyme-A-Duzin. Before the show began I had the pleasure to finally meet the organizer of the event Ms. Patty Laurent, who was the center of attention through every inch of the room. She’s about her business even in the midst of pleasure. Through out the crowd I bumped into popular party promoter Hollywood Chuck, but when asked to take a picture with someone he dipped off real quick. My suspicion tells me he wasn’t there on pleasure so much as he was there for “work”, and those hipsters I spoke of earlier definitely were caught trying to steal Puma sneakers during lastnights event; but that’s neither here or there. With drinks flowing and people jamming, the show was beginning and the crowd moved toward the lower level for Dyme-A-Duzin showcase. It was so packed and hot that I preceded upstairs to listen from the upper level instead. Dyme A Duzin grabbed the audience attention once the Mic was in his hand. He performed a couple of his popular singles off his mixtape A Portrait of Donnovan and music also off his new project soon to debut Hip Hope. I didn’t get to ask him anything, I mean he was sweating bullets and being rushed off as I came near. But I did get a picture and gave a compliment of his performance.

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