2Dare2BE x Moneytrain x Let Me Be Great

2Dare2BE x Moneytrain x Let Me Be Great

This past weekend the Qweens attended “Let Me Be Great” fashion benefit for a campaign against bullying, which was hosted by nonprofit group 2DARE2BE . The event was held in the financial district off Wall street in Manhattan, at the Broad Street Ballroom. I entered the venue to sounds of disco like music with a hint of hiphop played by the ever so popular DJ G Money (106th and Park, DTF RADIO Steph Lova). I made my way to my seat, but not before I was asked to take a picture on the red carpet (refer to instagram/@longlivetheqweens) proceeding from the red carpet I bumped into “NOTORIOUS”, “GET RICH OR DIE TRYING” actor Marc John Jefferies, who was real cool and short in person. As I sat and awaited for the show to start I watched as the seats filled up quickly, among the crowd were complaints of start time and a mishap on the stage sidelines. When the show began various awards and recognition were given then a musical selection was rendered by who none other than my high school croonie Damien Escobar. He currently tours the world as a celebrity violinist and plays for some of the biggest names in the industry. It was a pleasure to see him and talk for a while. Damien currently has a nonprofit and has gigs lined up for such shows as Jimmy Fallon and Ellen. There was a hostess there from 107.5 WBLS Madison Jaye, who was the host for the event, she kept walking around waving herself talking about how hot it was. It was as if she was trying to gain attention to herself. She is beautiful though and was reppin for New Jersey. The show ended with new designers displaying their work and on the come up: Keli Couture and Style Numbers. We want to give a special shout out to publicist Marie Flounoy and Liv Everything Productions.

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