F— You, Pay Me!

F--- You, Pay Me!

We have heard years and years, most notably the care of Bo Kimble and others versus NCAA Sports, most recently Tyrell Pryor trading a jersey for an autograph and now North Western players being allowed to unionize. Make no beans about it, this is a billion dollar business, many universities are not for profit hence they are allowed to retain huge sums of the cash flow from stadiums, tickets, merchandise, TV revenue and sponsorship’s. They trade-off is a college athlete receives four or five one year scholarship commitments. Schools do not give away full four-year/ Five year contracts. If your hurt, many times that is it for you because it is like investing in a race car with no tires. Kevin Ware of Louisville is an interesting story, he snaps his leg in a game but the key here is the game is Nationally televised. Do Louisville A Cut him, B Resign him? Because the 2013-2014 season people will be looking for Ware to suit up again, Louisville resigns him. But these scholarships are only good per season so the young man regains his $45,000.00 scholarship which now brings you to North Western. Being Pro-Union, but working as well as an executive, it’s a double edge sword. But as well as the protection, collective bargaining, how does the universities respond? Every man/ woman/ employee has a right to unionize because there is strength in numbers. If you come to work and the boss says there is no work for you. Should you be paid for the commute and the day? Within a union this would be worked out to guarantee you at least 4 hours or maybe the whole day considering no work is not your doing, it can be as high as mismanagement. Television deals are lucrative, they are also not per year but guaranteed over the life of the contract. Why shouldn’t the players seek the same? But here is when becoming an employee has its pitfall. Do the college now say, ok the scholarships are revenue and taxable as an independent contractor? This now brings in taxes to the IRS, the State and probably even your state of your residency. But there are other ventures, it now allows you to bargain for profit-sharing, bonuses, etc. In the end, it comes down to the old boy network not understanding times are changing and kids/ players aren’t willing to settle for Ramen noodle dinners when they see the bigger picture. A simple $500.00 a month payment in the area of meal/ entertainment (on campus or area businesses) to all athletes. Due to their schedules athletes cannot work, their work is on the field where they generate millions of dollars to the universities. A payment of this, excluding summer months keeps the players income low which allows them to waive having to pay tax on this, parents still can claim them for their contributions and on top of the meal cards it keeps 300 pound Jimmy from raiding other kids rooms. When Napier said he was starving… I really doubt that. There is always a stash room, fellow students most notably girls who would be too happy to make you a meal or has her own mini fridge. Even if you are so corny you have no friends but you have a mini fridge, you can go to the dining halls before closing to stack and load up. In the end, 30 for 30 did a great segment on the Fab 5. The 1st notable all freshman team to make a splash, 2013/14 Kentucky Wildcats was another. But the Webber comment of watching your jersey sold and the university making millions off of you should motivate anyone not to invest in stocks…but invest in university. In the end, pay the players in the form of grants, the schools can write this off now. Revenue from video games, using their likeness. This can be put in the form of a trust fund to be used after graduation and this is to be paid across the board. If touch down Johnny jersey sold for 100.00 great, but there is no Touch down Johnny with a Mike Evans, a defense who puts him great field position, offensive line that protects him so this money is shared equally across the board. What Northwestern players may have failed to realize this is how a Union works, all for one, one for all. I end on this note, let’s support collegiate athletes. They are the young adults who will be voting soon, employees, starting their own businesses…the thing is what is happening they are realizing the business starts the second they sign that National Letter of Intent.

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