EndoMetriosis x April Kendall


Recently, there was outrage from the Endo community for a comment issued by popular tv doctor “Dr. Drew” about what endometriosis is:
” a garbage bag disorder “

It’s only right that the Qweens seeked out EndoMe creator and good friend April Kendall to learn the specifics of EndoMetriosis, which affects 5.5 million woman in North America everyday according to ClevelandClinic.com

The Qweens :
Hey lady! Please introduce yourself tell us a little about you and tell us what is your stance on endometriosis and why you stand for awareness of endometriosis?

April Kendall
– Hi! First, thank you for the opportunity of interviewing me. It is such an honor which I greatly appreciate. My name is April, also known as endoNme, and I have stage 4 endometriosis. To summarize endometriosis, it is when tissue that is intended to line the inside or your uterus, grows outside of it and spreads to other areas in the body thus causing pain. I was diagnosed in December of 2009, but it’s only recently that I have taken my endometriosis more seriously over the last two years. Whenever you’re informed you have a condition, it takes a while to process it. I wouldn’t say that I was in denial of the diagnosis, but I started to realize just how many people; especially African American women that have the same thing as me. I felt it vital at this point in my life to become an advocate. 

 The Qweens:
How has endometriosis affected your lifestyle? 

April Kendall:
Endometriosis has affected my lifestyle greatly. I have completely changed my diet. For the past 14 months I have not eaten no red meat, nor anything that has soy in it. These amongst other foods cause inflammatory issues and intense pain. For the last two years I have been gluten free and I take a hosts of vitamins recommended by my physician. I have also started exercising more. I’ve changed to a healthier lifestyle. I don’t experience as much pain, nor do I have frequent visits to the doctor anymore. 
I am a believer of holistic and natural remedies. I feel your body will reflect what you consume and do to your body. I am doing possibly everything humanly on my end to be the healthiest that I can be. 

What steps have you taken to address the issue to women who may be dealing with this diagnosis, And for those who may read this and may not even know they too are dealing with it?

 April Kendall:
– I think the best way to help someone else is by sharing your story. I did not experience the “classic symptoms” of endometriosis and that is why I went undiagnosed for so many years. When I felt something was wrong with my body, I was getting routine check ups every six months by my GYN at the time. Being an African American woman, finding cysts and fibroids are considered “normal” and are known to  shrink on their own, so my physician wasn’t as proactive as I wanted him to be. I went for a second opinion and that was when I was officially diagnosed by another GYN. 
My advice for any woman is to understand and be in tune with your body. You know your body well because you know your norm; whatever that may be for you. It is okay to go and get another opinion if you do not feel comfortable with what you are told. You only have one life. It is extremely precious. 

Recently, a popular tv doctor downplayed what endometriosis is, can you shed light on what your thoughts were when you heard about his statement? 

April Kendall:
– This is a good question. For anyone that has any condition or disorder, I feel it is extremely important to seek counsel in someone that specializes in that area. I say this because a specialist must attend more schooling to have more knowledge for the condition. So many patients are left mistreated and undiagnosed from improper information. Someone that is not well rounded on endometriosis usually approaches it from an objective stance, and at times it is inaccurate. You cannot personally assess someone else’s pain level or discomfort. As a physician it is your duty to stay up to date with present information and studies if you decide to tackle on various conditions. 
But I am happy to know that the doctor did invite an endometriosis specialist and surgeon from NYC to be the guest on an upcoming show to address our disorder on his show. Millions of woman are diagnosed with endometriosis, and I am overjoyed with the amount of calls, emails, and social network posts from my fellow endo sisters in response to his comment. It just shows that no publicity will be bad publicity for us. 

What are your future plans for endome and yourself ? how can someone become involved in what you are doing or even contact you personally for more information on the subject?

April Kendall:
endoNme is my baby! I’m nurturing and birthing it with faith that it’ll help the endometriosis & health community. I am currently working on a blog that will be up very soon. My blog will not only be about endometriosis, but also about my healthy lifestyle. In the meantime I am on every social network (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) @endonme. I answer every comment. If you would like to reach me personally via email you can at

3 thoughts on “EndoMetriosis x April Kendall

  1. Thank you so much for discussing this and bringing so much awareness to the cause. This is the silver lining to such a horrible situation.

    Dr. Drew’s apology was anything but; he even claimed the caller’s fiancé didn’t even have Endometriosis, all without ever having spoken with her or having heard a complete question from her fiancé. I for one was very upset, and still am. I have written an open letter to Dr. Drew Pinsky (http://wp.me/p3M9i4-59) on my blog Red Hairing (which I was pleasantly surprised to find recieved a lot of notice), and then responded to his “apology” in which he attempted to elicit, not only contributions to research a male only disease he battles, but sympathy for the way the offended women had “attacked” him. Dr. Drew went so far as to say we were not “sophisticated” enough to understand the situation. His co-host only worsened the situation when he called women with Endometriosis and IC “twats” and said “they can take my balls, put them in their mouth, and eat ’em”; in another “apology” segment he called the offended party “fücks”, “cünts”, and “snatches”.

    Dr. Drew’s PR rep took to twitter in an even more offensive manner, telling women to #educateyourselves in response to the hashtag #educatedrdrew that he had been hit hard with, and just recently specialists in the fields of Endometriosis and IC have spoken out regarding his lack of knowledge. Dr. Drew posted a podcast (http://wp.me/p3M9i4-cX) on his own website in which he interviewed Dr. Tamer Seckin (though so much more awareness could have been raised had they decided to have Dr. Seckin on Loveline), but still spent a good percentage of the time defending, explaining, and justifying without ever discussing Interstitial Cystitis or the definitive link between Endo and IC that has led to them being called the “Evil Twins” by the medical community. I’ve covered all of this on my blog as I feel that if anything good can come out of this, it is awareness. I personally feel he is gaslighting the entire Endo and IC communities, making himself out to be the victim and pretending he didn’t say what he did.

    I hope this story continues to be passed around and raise awareness. 178 million women world wide suffer with Endometriosis, between 5 and 8.5 million in the US alone, and between 50% and 84% of them ALSO have Interstitial Cystitis. Dr. Drew’s comments were damaging, ignorant, and reckless. Female listeners may now be questioning the validity of their diagnoses and male callers may now be chocking up the pain that Endo and IC patients they know are suffering with to being a “mental thing”.

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