Jay-Z x Beyonce x Solange Saga continues


“So, I guess they came to the game to stay face? “ were my words to my fiance lastnight as we watched the popular celebrity couple, Jay and Beyonce sat courtside at the Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat game. If you didn’t know artist/business man Jay-Z and singer/actress Beyonce have been under a lot of scrutiny after a video surfaced yesterday from TMZ showing an enraged Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister attacking her brother in law Jay-Z on an elevator; following an after party at the Standard Hotel‘s Boom Boom room May 5, 2014. The three were participants in this year’s Met Gala affair.
Above are the pictures which have been floating on the internet. One picture in particular is that of an alleged tweet by Solange Knowles on her Twitter account. If that truly was from her, it definitely was erased as we later checked it out this morning. We here at the Qweens find the events of this scandal surprising but not really. You see the unfortunate event leads us to speculate since there has been no comment released from their camps (Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Solange)
It is as if they are subliminally saying “Mind Your Business!” Which literally is their right, but when you are as big as Jay and Beyonce you can’t just ride the wave of scandal out, at some point they will have to address the matter, cause the media won’t let up. This is the juiciest details this tightknit couple has had as of lately. Mind you this happens right after announcement of their “On the Run” tour, how convenient for marketing purposes is that!  Solange Knowles has always been commented by both her mother and sister Bey as being the out spoken one, even crazy! In her hit song Flawless, Beyonce sings “My sister always told me to speak my mind!” So the question is raised what did Jay-Z do that made Beyonce step in between the two toward the end of the attack and why the very nonchalant looks of both Beyonce and Jay like as if this is not something they haven’t dealt with before? It is sad that the video was leaked, but what’s even more sad is that the painted picture of perfection that the media has created for you all of Beyonce and Jay are the same ones stripping it to shreds over this unfortunate incident. Everyone has stated who was wrong, but honestly we won’t know who or what was wrong without that audio duh!

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