Summer Stage Launch 2014 x The Electric Room


Who wouldn’t love a free concert?
Well, The City Parks foundation of NYC is making it happen all Summer long across the five boroughs! The City Parks foundation is an independent nonprofit organization which brings free entertainment to the city parks in the New York City area. Some of their biggest sponsors are Disney and Time Warner.
Last night was the launch event of the Summer Stage 2014 in the Electric Room at the Dream Hotel, located in Manhattan. The crowd was definitely electrified with delicious drinks provided by Qui Extra Platinum Anejo Tequila and exciting dance music by this very witty and funny DJ.
The City Parks foundation are celebrating 50 years of FANIA. FANIA was created in 1964, which provides a variety of musical selections such as Mambo, Boogaloo, Salsa,Jazz, Disco and House music. FANIA is a representation of the Latin roots of music from Cuba and the surrounding Latino neighborhoods of NYC.
You can also look forward to Jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop to hit the many stages in the parks for this Summer. Starring it off in Brooklyn this June, popular Cali artist Ty Dolla $ign and in Queensbridge the legendary Mobb Deep. There will be festivals, family days and more so stay tune. You can find out more information on and

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