San Antonio Spurs 2014 Champions!


The NBA Finals were on lastnight in case you missed it and I must say it was a happy and sad sight to see. We watched the game between San Antonio Spurs and The Miami Heat sweat, heave, and dribble that ball up and down the court in a means to get the Championship ring. Every second on that clock counted for the Miami Heat as they continued to trail behind to the experienced star power of the San Antonio Spurs. The King, LeBron James played his heart out carrying the Heat team on his back. We took in to consideration the emotions that struck Lebron’s face as he watched from the bench his teammates slowly slip up on several shots and the clock continue to run out. We also peep the red teary eyes of veteran ball player Tim Duncan grab up his towel to wipe the tears and sweat that streaked his face as the  buzzer ended the NBA Finals game 5 at 104-87 San Antonio wins against the The Young Miami Heat! Bigups to 2014 MVP Kawhi Leonard at just 22 years of age he had just recently been signed to the Spurs and already has his first ring! Kawhi received the Bill Russell trophy. Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich is now in the same range as popular coach/ballplayer Phil Jackson, this will be the Spurs fifth Championship while under Popovich reign with Tim Duncan. The series was intense and sweet revenge for the Spurs and Heat who played last year against each other in the 2013 NBA Finals.

One thought on “San Antonio Spurs 2014 Champions!

  1. GO SPURS GO!! Love the Spurs so much, I am so proud of all the guys especially Kawhi, the MVP and Duncan for his amazing performance at this age.Truly Timeless!!!

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