TraeDonya x Family Affair x New Partnerships

Prohibition Entertainment is pleased to announce a strategic marketing

alliance with emerging music company Music Box. Prohibition vocalist

TRAEDONYA! AKA ”The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera” solo debut EP

High Fructose Corn Syrup shall be introduced to the Music Box growing

audience. TRAEDONYA! will also create a jingle as part of the campaign.

We are excited to partner with Music Box which is a company on the way

up with their innovative business strategies. After chatting with Music Box’s

Mike Hoy, I wanted to work with them for TRAEDONYA’S debut project . We

have a blank slate to work with says A.K Smith-Ford of Prohibition.

With Music Box music consumers get hand curated bundles of kick ass songs

from independent artists and labels customized to your taste delivered straight

to the customers in box twice a month. It is a pretty sweet deal for the artist

and fans, actually. Music Box has developed great relationships with an army

of independent musicians who all they want to do is share their creative

passions with as many people as possible. Music Box understands that

finding new music outside of your existing interests and social circles isn’t

the easiest process. So when we ran the idea by our instrument toting

friends and they were super stoked about it and we knew it was the right

thing to do. Free music for the consumer and more listeners for the indie

artist to increase their fan base…Magical.

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