Sisterhood of HipHop: Nyemiah Supreme x Diamond


We tuned into Oxygen’s Sisterhood of HipHop with the anticipation of unity of females in the rap world, boy were we wrong!
So above you will see the shade being thrown between female rappers Diamond of former Crime Mob and Nyemiah Supreme ;producer Timbaland artist.
Personally, we believe Diamond was pretty immature about the matter and Nyemiah could have handled the being stood up at the restaurant in a better fashion. If you saw tonights episode which is episode two, you will see the miscommunication and drama unfold between Diamond and Nyemiah. Diamond’s perspective is that Nyemiah isn’t known like how Diamond is, though last we check Diamond you yaself hasn’t dropped a single as of yet… Its always the ones who ain’t doing nothing who do all the talking…. Tune in on Tuesday nights on Oxygen at 9pm eastern time, featuring Diamond (Crime Mob), Nyemiah Supreme (South side Queens), Bia (Pharrell’s artist ,Boston), Briana Perry (Po Boy Princess,Atlantic signed) and Siya (endorsed by r&b singer Tank and openly gay rapper). The show was created by producer/rapper T.I.

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