BET Music Matters x SOBs


Last Night was a record breaking night in my book! Not only was there early arrivals way before 7pm but a wrapped around the corner line and barely any space left inside for the monthly BET Music Matters showcase held every second Tuesday of every month at the legendary and popular SOBs (Sounds of Brazil) nightclub .
The impressive line up of the night was Katt Rockell, Chris Echols, Go Go Marrow, The Walls Group, and Trip Lee.
Katt Rockell presence and her soulful burst of energy took over the entire audience!  Rockell sang hits from her forth coming project and later shouted out Budadafuture, her producer for her current accomplishments but not before ending her set with an amazing vocal break down and leaving the audience wanting more. Next up was that of popular Chris Echols, whom is DJ Clue’s artist. Echols commanded the crowd with his sultry happy song entitled Smile, followed by him was that of Philly native Gogo Marrow . GoGo should have done just that, “Go” ! She is a beautiful young lady but her pitches were off and she slightly butchered a popular ole school song followed by her rendition of Beyonce’s Halo, uh yes??? Let’s just say she should have went first period!
The next two acts were nothing more than God sent! Literally! The headliners are both from Texas and brought in that spirit of that man name Jesus to remind us of who gave life to us abundantly indeed! As we tweeted last night , BET had no idea what they had done! First headliner up was that of Kirk Franklin’s artist The Walls Group, who not only are four siblings who can sang!! Yes I said “sang” but they were so anointed they had me and Joya in tears crying out for the Lord in a Nightclub such as SOBs!! Their song “Satisfied” is what ended their set, but not before the Lord stepped in and the Holy Ghost took over! The crowd was so enwrapped in Gods spirit we all started crying out “Hallelujah!!!” The crowd yelled out encore as the group yelled continously “Wallers!, Wallers, Wallers!” Next thing you know the DJ and the host didn’t know how to handle the atmosphere at that point and started to play Beyonce ,but no Beyonce record was gonna move the Holy Ghost from that atmosphere so the DJ switched up to some Kirk Franklin and MaryMary! Can we get an Amen! Even people who don’t ever go to church were in awe of the The Walls group presence as they left the stage. The ending act of the night was none other than Pastor/Rapper Trip Lee! His faithful followers exploded in loud applause and support as Trip Lee’s name was announced loudly by the DJ and host! Trip Lee took over the mic and the rest was history! This is Trip Lee’s first time performing live in NYC since his retirement from gospel rap in 2012. Trip Lee is a pastor in D.C. and he originally hails from Texas. Lee commanded the crowd with his stage presence and the crowd knew every word to every song he rapped to! Before he got really into his set he dropped a couple bars, he spit fiyah! Trip Lee explained to the still packed out crowd “I love hip hop, but I love Jesus more!” Needless to say the crowd was in agreeance with his stance. BET Music Matters had an awesome set this time around and the packed house of youthful faces and stars alike proved it! Famous faces to grace the crowd was that of Celeb stylist J.Bolin (Erica Campbell, Sarah Jakes, and Michelle Williams) , Singer Melonie Daniels (BGV for Mariah Carey, Kirk Franklin and lead singer for Allen Cathedral NY) , DJ Clue and countless others. It was a great night for music.

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