Taste Talks x Food&Drink


This past Sunday my family and I experienced delicious food and ice coffees, hosted by online company “Taste Talks” .Yes there was wine but I was on mother duty because my kids joined me on this adventure.
The event was held in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn at a warehouse space on Wythe street. Though it was crowded it was small. There was light jazz music that played in the background then some pop. The vendors that we visited were Keurig whom served coffee ice/hot and ice/hot tea, Susty Party which does party favors and designs, Ohneka Farm which served delicious homegrown baby tomatoes with cottage cheese and bread. Also FreshDirect which served samples of different variety olive oils for dipping with our bread. My son particularly enjoyed Little Boo Boo Bakery whom gave him several different gourmet marshmallows, Raaka Chocalate gave him a small vanilla bean sample and Empire Mayonnaise which enjoy jokes and laughter with my an as he licked the tops of the different flavored mayonnaise. Two very innovative companies we came across were Sidechef and Open Table. Side Chef is an online cooking source for step by step cooking instructions and photos. Side Chef is online but mainly as an app for phones, tablets, iPods etc. For now. OpenTable allows you to pay for your restaurant bill ahead of time so that you can enjoy your meal in advance once you arrive to enjoy your food. The event was very innovative and informative of the future of the food industry and the spoken panels were delightful, shoutout to rapper/”chef” Action Bronson .

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