SkyScraper Blu x DIVINE

When the music starts I am instantly hearing the essence of Lupe Fiasco but its actually Queens, NY native wordsmith SkyScraper Blu  . There are scenes in his music video for Divine of South side Jamaica, Queens and popular mural of Jam Master Jay from the former studio he once created his magic (Hall of Fame studios it currently stands as).

SkyScraper Blu debuted his mixtape entitled LABI which is shortened for the meaning “Living Above Basic Individuals”.

The mixtape has features from artists such as Fred Da Godson, Karina, and a host of other talented artist. You can check his mixtape out online on DatPiff and Soundcloud under the above artists name.

Victoria Monet x Ty Dolla $ign x Made In China

Today is the debut of artist Victoria Monet’s Nightmares & Lullabies- Act 1 now available on iTunes and on her website

She is beautiful as is her voice which is oh so elegant. Her music, especially in the above song “Made In China” makes you wanna wine your body for “daddy” then glide up slow and walk to your mirror to put on a sexy dance show just for yourself haha. Victoria Monet is of the caliber of popular artist Mila J but the good girl like her sister Jhene Aiko. Don’t mistake the comparision, Victoria Monet is a talented voice that you want to play consistently then lock away with a key so no one else will steal the beauty that stems from her music. Her album features tracks with popular rappers B.O.B and Ty Dolla $ign. Our favorite tracks are Made in China and Good Time x Trouble.

SIR X Never Growin Up

She’s Ryan is an all around entertainer whom we stumbled across on our instagram/LongLivetheQweens, she is raw eccentric, and we like that…

Her music echoes popular artist such as Kelis (acapella) and Rihanna (S&S) . In the industry no one wants to be like another artist true, however with She’s Ryan there is an essence of a fighter. When we say fighter we mean that she has the desire to break free from the “usual” and bring something new to the music she creates. The song presented above which is off her EP entitled SIR , “Never Growin Up”  is fun and in your face like “f*ck dat live it up”

For more on She’s Ryan check her out on or her instagram/shesryan .

BCOSMO INC. x DEUX FOIS @ Sugar Hill Market


This past Sunday, the Qweens stopped thru Harlem off 132nd street and Fredrick Douglas Blvd for a stellar event featuring the Sugar Hill Market with Maison D’Art .
The scenery was artsy, elegant and comfortable all in one. One of the main attractions for the event was the celebrate for the launch of popular hairstylist Tanya Tomlinson’s B Cosmo INC company. B Cosmo INC is a company focused on the industry of beauty.
Creator/Owner Licensed stylist Tanya Tomlinson has experience in styling in fashion, runway, print ads and cosmetology. She has styled some of the biggest names in music and the  fashion industry. The launch of B Cosmo INC is a new beginning for her, and her team. We are extremely happy for her.
The atmosphere at the event was awesome. It was filled with laughter, music, art and food (lol).
As you came upon the event people went casually in and out of the brownstone building observing the art work, designer wear, handcrafted handbags, pottery, designer handmade  jewelry, and delicious new dishes from local eateries in the cozy Harlem  neighborhood. B Cosmo INC put on for walking display, one of her signature runway styles on one of her hair models and her trusted “go to” hair styling product “the edge beauty”. One of many of her associates on board supporting her, was that of celebrity stylist KnowledgeWear1 who has been styling lately iconic artist Fredro Starr of popular 90’s era rap group Onyx. You can look for more about B Cosmo INC and KnowledgeWear1 on instagram and Facebook as their names are seen.