Virtue x You Are


It’s been a while! It’s been so long even I forgot how or when the fourth member of Virtue became no longer present. To be honest will have to do research to find out when and why she left. Anyhoot the Virtue girls are back and been in the studio heavy! They already have out a single titled “You Deserve” but yesterday they debuted “You Are” on Nashville radio. Their voices remind me of the 90s era groups like Total or Xscape, even though they are gospel. They were in constant circulation during the 90s too. The Virtue girls are back and seems this time they are back to make a statement in the gospel industry. The ladies came back to the industry signed with a new contract in January 2014 under Mixed Bag Entertainment headed by gospel rapper DA T.R.U.T.H. If you haven’t heard You Are yet hit up your online stream or check it out on YouTube. Stay tuned more to come on these ladies…

words by iamword

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