Pusha T x Fashion Evolution


Popular artist Pusha T partnered up with ADIDAS a few weeks ago, but Pusha T is evolving and opening doors for hip-hop that we would have never imagined. Pusha T is producing his own clothing line entitled PlayCloths due out in Spring 2015…. stay tuned… oh peep those Don C jumpmans…

Big Sean x Complex x New Album


Big Sean is definitely doing big things in hip-hop and seems unstoppable at this point. Complex covers Big Sean and RocNation just announced the debut of his new album Dark Sky Paradise, sounds oddly similar to Kanye West’s My Twisted Dark Fantasy yay? Well you all can be the judge of that on 2/24/15… stay tuned

50 Cent Apologizes x TattedUpHolly


Public Apology: this woman is a good person she has been a good friend to me for a year.I enjoyed seeing her grow and progress in so many ways in a short period of time. I have watch people hate her because of me, and it only made me want to see her accomplish more. She is a very special person. She looks up to me me so I want to let this be known, to people who love to see her down. I’m never gonna let that happen I’m way to big for that.

Words by rapper/actor Curtis 50 Cent Jackson apologizing for insulting famed video video TattedUpHolly for insinuating that she was an industry whore whom had slept with famous men in the hip-hop industry like himself. 50 Cent posted this on his popular histogram.

June by June Ambrose


Famed stylist to the stars especially big names like Jay-Z, Kerry Washington, P.Diddy and a host of others is coming out with her own line of designer bags! June Ambrose first struck us by surprise last year, when she presented her popular designer shoe line now she’s taking it up a notch with designer satchel bags oh and as you see she’s bringing sexy along with it too! You can stay tuned with more of June on
www.HSN.com and stay tuned for her designer bag campaign for March 2015. Also catch June at Macy’s Herald Square on Feb 8 2015 for a segment about Black History and style.

Ciara x I Bet

Just four days ago Ciara posted this on her instagram as one of her first singles for the new year entitled I Bet. Ciara as you all know was formally engaged to hiphop artist Future whom she also mother’s a child with named Future . The new song sounds like it is taking hits at Future especially since rumors came out last year that Future had cheated on her following the birth of their son. We must say we are looking forward to her new album defiantly.

Jesus Culture x Moral Revolution (Partnership)

We the Qweens are just becoming hip to these two movements which we found very interesting. The Qweens are believers of Christ outside of whatever we may report on our blog. Jesus Culture is a movement which spreads the teachings and love of Jesus Christ in services, concerts, conferences, and workshops. Moral Revolution is a team of people who are spreading the Christian morality of sexuality from a Biblical standpoint. Together Jesus Culture and Moral Revolution have partnered together to bring a different audience on both their behaves. You can find out more on Jesus Culture www.JesusCulture.com and Moral Revolution on www.MoralRevolution.com

Hillsong Young/Free x LeCrae x This is Living

Hillsong Young and Free presents new music entitled This Is Living with featured gospel award winning rapper Lecrae. This is the newest addition and single from the famed gospel group Hillsong, with music geared toward the youth. The song This Is Living is based off the Biblical verse Saint Johns 10:10  – The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.