Rihanna x European clothing company “TopShop”

Good news for popular Roc Nation singer Rihanna, a London court ruled in favor of Rihanna in a suit against TopShop.

Rihanna had taken popular fashion company Topshop to court for the selling of her face on their products without her permission. Not only did Topshop not ask her permission of her image which was taken while she was on location in Europe for video recording, but Rihanna was not making any profit off their products showcasing her face. Topshot’s response to the ruling was that they felt there have been celebrities across the world represented and worn before and never was there an issue until Rihanna of course. Well as her mentor/big brother Jay-z would say “New Rules”. We commend Rihanna for speaking up for herself and image.rihanna_topshop_tshirt

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