Superbowl XLIX x Katy Perry x Missy Elliott


Superbowl XLIX (49) had popular singer Katy Perry as the main attraction for this year’s halftime show. However what really stole the show was her surprise guest the one and only Missy Elliott!  The crowd was explosive as Missy Elliott took over the stage with dancers in tow and rocking hits such as Work it, Lose Control and Get Ur Freak On.  Katy Perry chimed in toward the end and it left us speechless haha. Now many people stated Missy stole the show and we must concur but Katy Perry did bounce back with her amazing voice on her hit single Fireworks. Katy Perry’s vision team which brought her set to live included work by celebrity stylist Misa Hylton, Jai Hudson, and the infamous Jeremy Scott. Bravo Katy and Missy. Katy Perry also had guitarist/artist Lenny Kravitz as well in tow for vision and performance.

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