Lydia Caesar Live at ASCAP


Words can’t express the feeling this talented soul gives me when she sings. I came to the show a little late but luckily I was just in time for her set Thursday evening, the person whom I speak of is the artist Lydia Caesar. Lydia Caesar hosted a session with ASCAP (American Society of Composer, Authors, and Publishers) where she presented the crowd with an amazing  acoustic set accompanied by her friend and talented musician Gypsy. Lydia Caesar is a storyteller in her music with a message for all who ever had to deal with relationship woes, heartache, and happiness.
She started off the session with gratitude for the audience being in attendance and then to some behind the scenes big names such as Jonathan Jones (director of urban ASCAP department) , and a woman by the name of Julie who has been very  instrumental in her career and the ASCAP Centennial awards show; where Caesar sang her hit song “St. Louis” for a crowd which included the legendary Stevie Wonder. The first song of the night was Overdose followed by a new song called No Regrets, to which she credited a songwriter/producer JJ to helping her make. The song is one of three to be featured in a new Lions Gate film entitled I Really Hate My EX. Caesar credited DJ Sir Charles for helping in that career move for her. The other two songs to follow were Beautiful Breakup and Through It All, which both are also featured in the new film to come. The song Through it All, a new song from Caesar is a call and response type of song where she had us the audience sing it back to her and ironically we were in perfect harmony. She gave us a treat with her new love song entitled Time Stand Still, which had me all teary eyed and in my feelings lol but I didn’t care cause she sang that song! Lydia Caesar gave us the story behind hit song St Louis featured on BET’s 106th and Park, the song was about her then boyfriend turnt husband’s birthplace St. Louis, Missouri. She explained “only love can take me away from this great city (New York City). Lydia Caesar ended the night with two beautiful songs, one was her rendition of Rihanna’s Stay which definitely had me crying by then. Lydia gives every song she sings life, like as if she is singing directly to your situations at that current moment. I was so happy and humbled by the experience and look forward to her new album which is due out this year. Stay tuned and cop her current album out now on iTunes now entitled Caesar.

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