Kanye West x BET Honors : A Speech to Remember

The BET Honors, had Dame Dash (Kanye’s former mentor) honor rapper/producer/songwriter Kanye West, who gave a speech which left us spellbound. Kanye West speaks of the racism he has faced in the industry, doubts , fears and most of all his relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian. In his speech he specifically pointed out a story told to him by his wife Kim about her father, the infamous attorney Robert Kardashian (O.J. Simpson trial 1995).

Apparently Kim Kardashian’s father dealt with being called a “nigger lover” following his defense for O.J. Simpson and how he handled it because of how one day she his daughter might have a Black child one day and then she’ll understand his stance on the whole situation. Kanye also went on to speak on the mentality of the Black Race in the industry. The speech is very profound coming from such a person like Kanye West. He is a marketing genius but he is just as human as the next person and in knowing that it makes you love him even more, even if you don’t know him personally.

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