Queens Landmark up for Sale?!


It is only a matter of time before this was going to happen. The place where most 90’s kids and hip-hop hung out till this day is up for sale! !
The popular Jamaica Colosseum mall is up for sale at a whopping $45 million dollars!! You can only imagine the countless times we hung out, copped our first sneakers, took our first pictures and got our first gold piece from this very place. 165Th on the ave is and has always been “the colli block” as all Queens natives call it. It’s the essence of infamous hiphop artist such as Lost Boyz (could always catch em on the block posted up), or peep popular legends like LL Cool J walk through and also filmed his music video “Hush”, Wu-Tang filmed “Ice Cream” there and 50 Cent also . Jamaica Colosseum is home to the one of the biggest jewelry exchanges in the five boroughs. Jamaica Colosseum was founded in 1984 following the abandonment of many stores on the avenue during the 1970’s. The mall has rejuvenated the area and has many stores all under one roof. We shall see the outcome of this, hopefully they keep the name and bring a different look to the inside of the mall.

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