She’s A Qween regardless!(Fahimah Raheem)


A scorned woman wants revenge, a strong woman moves on-  Pelita Uy

She has to be the most polarized woman in the world via social media, especially in Philly. The woman we speak of is ex-girlfriend/mother of MMG/Dreamchasers rapper Meek Mill son, Fahimah Raheem.
If you weren’t aware Fahimah was brought to the world’s attention after her babyfather Meek Mill called her out for liking Meek’s current girlfriend’s (Nicki Minaj) ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels pictures on instagram. Well she didn’t take too lightly to the shade and called Meek out and told him bout himself. We commend her because she put herself first above the fame and industry, she choose her heart and sanity. When being involved with someone as big as Meek Mill the constant negative attention can get to anyone and cause chaos. Fahimah chose to step away and focus on her sons and family. In all true aspect Meek Mill owes his career to her which is why he really can’t say much bout in a bad manner cause Meek Mill is who he is cause she helped him get there. Fahimah is the original “Favorite” of Meek Mill not Nicki Minaj. After all the social media jabs, she still comes out and support her babyfather in concert. Now that’s a stand up woman. The point we are pointing out is she didn’t breakdown, she simply dust her shoulders off and kept moving forward period!

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