Dame Dash and Kanye West stole movie rights to Loisaidas?

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

just assisted one of my business associates commencing a “Trademark Infrigement and Unfair Competition” action against Dash Films,Inc Dame Dash and #KanyeWest –sad part of this story is we attempted to reach out to them prior to the release of the film but Dash being the cocky dude that he is decided to take matter lightly while stillviolating my guys #IntellectualProperty #Rights– now he just created a situation he’s gonna really regret being any part of…Dame recently spoke with Sway of #MTV and in an interview the topic of trademark ownership arose and he stated…I don’t really worry about those matters to much cause most people are not in a position financially to even enforce their brand or ownership rights…to his detriment he didn’t know a street nigga from the Lower East Side known as #TradeMarkRob was gonna be on the opposing team and f*ck his whole world up @duskopoppington here is your new index No. 15 CV2551 “Judge Forrest’ assigned to your case–them plans of securing a deal for the release of #Loisaidas via #itunes and #Amazon have just been dubbed…stay in the $5 Bracket homie and not even…next move is to send a courtesy copy of the Complaint to the hosting company and see if they want to be added to an Amended Complaint with 6 figure legal expense repercussion or if they want 48 hours like “Nick Nolte” #RGLConsultingGroup

It looks as if not only is Dame Dash fighting his babymama Rachel Roy in court on missed child support expenses but he is also getting served papers by a man allegedly claiming that Dame Dash new film Loisaidas online is fraudulent and the rights of the film are stolen. The guy making the complaint is named Michael A. Medina and the company assisting with the complaint and court date is RGL Consulting Company

Court papers for Michael A. Medina vs.Dame Dash

Court papers for Michael A. Medina vs. Dame Dash

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