Monique Pressley x Media Eliminator


Photo credit: TheSituationRoom

If you haven’t been fully aware of who Monique Pressley is, let us inform you she’s not to be underestimated at all.
Ms. Pressley is a seasoned young attractive lawyer currently crusading on behalf of iconic actor turn alleged rapist
Bill Cosby.
As you observe Pressley in various interviews you witness a woman focused and ready to shoot down any of the typical media innuendos that come along with standing up for what’s right; especially in regards to a public figure such as Cosby. Actor Bill Cosby chose her out of a whole host of qualified lawyers mainly because she came highly recommended. She hails from Washington DC as a Howard University Alumni. Pressley is also a business woman running a law firm in D.C. titled The Pressley firm and also is an ordained Minister. She is officially a Qween of the Moment… stay tune.

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