Just last week on Twitter, the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend — a strange plea to Disney to make one half of its beloved princess duo a lesbian in the sequel to its 2013 animated blockbuster “Frozen.”BBsVMWK

Now I honestly feel that a child’s film is the last place any suggested type of sex should be portrayed. However LBGT advocates note that in almost every gaudy princess film or action-packed superhero cartoon, there are relationships (which is very true)— moms and dads, aunts and uncles, princes and princesses. Those relationships have quietly reinforced a very traditional standard for romantic love.

Disney is always evolving to reflect the change in what some believe to be “normal” including characters of many races to ditching the sterotype of the helpless damsel in distress. Could creating a hero with two dads, or giving a princess a girlfriend, be the next step?

Some Disney fans argued on Twitter that it would have been a huge help for them to see gay characters in movies when they were young — that they might have become more sensitive and accepting towards gay peers, or better able to grapple with their own sexuality. Studies have suggested that seeing gay characters in popular entertainment can decrease prejudice towards those groups.

“There is no doubt that kids seeing positively portrayed gay characters could have a significant effect that would contribute to such children’s learning about the world and who is in it,” said Edward Schiappa, a professor of comparative media studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

When asked if Disney might include an explicitly gay character in a kids film, the company responded that its brand “has always been inclusive, with stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance and celebrate the differences that make our characters uniquely wonderful in their own way. . . . Disney remains committed to continuing to create characters that are accessible and relatable to all children.”

To date, Disney’s only obvious instance of a same-sex relationship in children’s entertainment came on the small screen. In an episode of Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie,” one of Charlie’s friends had two moms.

I wonder I wonder ….

words by JoyaDuhhh

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