What started as a friendship between the #QWEENSOFASS Kim K. and Blac Chyna quickly went sour behind the scenes after Kylie Jenner, hooked up and made rapper TYGA her man. It was rumored that they’d been hooking up but never really publicized, until after Kylie turned 18. Now I’m almost certain that Chy was super hurt and felt like she was stabbed in the back! Before the nasty split, then couple Tyga and Chy attended Kim and Kanye’s 2014 wedding together. But honestly when your last name is Jenner and your sisters are Kardashians who, and what is really off limits?

With the back and forth social media pettiness, the budding romance of Robert Kardashian and Chy wasn’t easily accepted or believed by anybody! Now we all know Rob cut off his entire family and the world and went into hiding. He was depressed, embarrassed, and going through a health crisis. Robert who is diabetic put on a lot of weight. Sometimes when your at your lowest, you know just about to hit rock bottom something special happens.

I know everybody is wondering how did they even hook up? Was this all part of an elaborate scheme? Because if so the plot thickens right before our eyes. Engagement and a baby all in a couple of months. Now I am no stranger to real love and the effects it will have on you when, a persons heart is in the right place at the right time! The happy couple will be seen on KUWTK for a huge amount of money. Back in 2014 Chy was on KUWTK when she went pole dancing with KIM K. and Kris Jenner. Chy has been offered big bucks to appear once again but not as Kim friend but Rob’s fiancé! Angle Kardashian is #winning!

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