Jday × Crhymeboss


Saturday was a day of celebration for two great individuals: Jason aka Killa and Queens artist Crhymeboss of Fast Cash Addicts Inc. The festivities took place at Valley Stream State Park at the Pavilion.

Both individuals were huge commodities in their community, friends and family alike. Crhymeboss was a popular artist apart of Queens based company Fast Cash Addicts Inc.

Crhymeboss passed away on
December 24, 2014 from an ulcer,
his daughter an artist in the making “PrettyNay” came through and it was nothing but love.
Jason, also known as Killa was a fighter and a leader. Before his life was taken on October 11, 2003 at gun point;
Jason was in school to be a chef.
Killa was a person way beyond his years and he will be forever missed.
As, you made your way through out the BBQ; sounds of KingCash’s new single Netflix and Chill screamed from from the speakers.

The Hall of Fame and Dat0wn studio families was definitely heavy in the building salute to Flushing native “Teardropz” .
Also in the mix was Big J of ChopShopTV , RonDu of DuUTV , Dottysworld  (big brother of Jason), Jewelz of Hall of Fame Studio and Chad of KreateYou graphic designs who was the chef on duty.
This was the first installment of its kind and the next one will only be bigger…
To see all footage of the event check out these following people and follow to stay updated.. instagram/@_kingcash

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