Been my Turn! Handsome Balla

A young kid who always had a dream of doing music and never really knew how to start it being that I had so much I wanted to express in a matter of 2 or three verses, so as time grew I just tried my best to stay consistent with it as much as possible until I was finally heard and recognized ….- Handsome Balla (East New York; Brooklyn, New York)

Growing up, Handsome Balla’s grandmother always called him handsome and it just stuck with his psych ever since. His crew always called him Balla because he is always dressed to the nines lookin fly like the young fly bawse that he is… So why is Handsome Balla the talk in these New York City streets lately?

Balla dropped his first single Trust These Niggas and the outcome was nothing but love from jump, ever since he has been consistently droppin music with hit after hit. Handsome Balla hails from the same infamous streets that birthed popular artist Uncle Murda , East New York aka Brooklyn. In Brooklyn you gotta be ready for any and everything, well Handsome Balla’s release from the hood has been through his music . He speaks of the positive space he is in currently because of his music generating such positive feedback, the only way he can go from here is UP!

Handsome Balla comes from a household who played good music like David Ruffin, Bob Marley, and Marvin Gaye just to name a few. All those moments of singing along with those legends encouraged his talent for songwriting, also infused the idea to remain realistic in his lyrics because he likes to be about what he raps about. Mostly, Handsome Balla likes his audience to feel what he is saying in his music. Balla dropped a second single entitled Rihanna and the aftermath was nothing but love, soon Handsome Balla was getting hits by some ya’lls favorite rappers then he started getting invited to shows to perform and its been good vibes since. Often stopped for photos in his hood, Handsome Balla wants his fans to know he’s not only here to entertain he’s here to deliver you his message in a couple bars so just press play and listen…. catch him on Instagram/handsome_balla  and soundcloud/ballaruffinmusic

A different concept,The BAAC

I think if you are creative then it’s an unstoppable thing. It just keeps coming throughout your entire life. Gary Numan

Yo, CC this designer is makin moves,real moves” words said to me by head engineer Teardropz at Dat0wn Studios (90-10 Merrick blvd) .

The BAAC (pronounced Bake) is a society of creators whose belief is that in order to create, one must create their own atmosphere for creativity. The message is… We, BAAC aka Create our own existence everyday we rise up.

Formally the Big Apple AV8R club, BAAC stands for Big Apple Audio Visual (8) Forever Reigns. Hailing from Far Rockaway’s Beach 41st public housing , Paulie as he is called or Maha comes from a family with a collective of talent ranging from anything like music,modeling to fashion. It was a wake up call while making music, he used to rap; that Paulie realized his true calling was in his craft for designing clothing. 

The BAAC designs are inspired by the life style I part take in on a daily basis touched by the music culture, random people and most of all my children; they are my daily reminder of why I elevate my thought process for the better of myself and my brand. Grateful for the independence of being my own boss I’m able to create at a better level which reminds me I’ll be in South America handling business Aug 2, 2016 for the advancement of myself and my brand.  

(is currently down for updates)

Catch up with us on social media, instagram/@thebaac_

The Taste Pleaser: Chris Mclean

Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has taste, even if they don’t realize it. Even if you’re not a great chef, there’s nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn’t. Gerard Depardieu

We follow this handsome chef online and everytime he posts a picture of his delicious entrée’s you have a sudden urge to wanna grab it from the screen of your smartphone or monitor and make it realistically appear in front of you. The gentleman we speak of is Chris Mclean who in his own words explains his journey to finding his passion in Culinary arts below…

 I’m the owner of A Taste From Heaven Catering. I serve five star meals to my customers but not at a five star price. I created my catering business in 2014 and then took a break and now I’m back in business again full time. I’m from the south but live in Buffalo, New York. When I was in the military I was thrown on kitchen detail. I was upset about being in the kitchen but I didn’t know it would change the course of my life. Once I found my passion, I did two years of Culinary School and really begin to focus on perfecting dishes. Business has been great lately and I owe it all to everyone who has supported me and promoted my work. Making my customers happy inspired me to do this. Seeing that my food can change the whole atmosphere of a room really excites me. Everyone can follow me on Instagram @Destined2BeGreat and you can book me at


Bernadette Henry is an award winning, former competitive jump roper and amateur boxer, specialty trainer, jump rope instructor and fitness expert, spreading the fun and creativity of a pastime. Jumprope! When she was 10 years old, Bernadette would spend her school recesses jumping rope with friends. Twenty-seven years later, she is a mother of three and using jump rope as a tool to inspire her community and to make the world a healthier, fitter place. She is a coach, mentor, leader and trainer for individuals searching for a way to keep fitness foremost and have fun while changing their lifestyle. – Bernadette Robinson (

When one needs encouragement in this fast food world we live in, one should check out this amazing spirit named Bernadette Robinson. She is full of cheer and joy everytime you peep her snapchat/bernapril20 . She hails from Brooklyn, New York and is definitely an eyesight for entertainment. Bernadette has won silver in both Jump Rope Burpee and Double Under Competitions. She also took home a bronze award in speed at the Arnolds Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Bernadette has been in health expo’s , tv shows (Dr. OZ,  Tribeca Film Fest ESPN), and had many other countless interviews.

What makes this lady do what she does? Bernadette wants exercise to be exciting and not be boring which is the ultimate key to why her jumprope idea has been so successful. Peep her on instagram/bernapril20 and cop you a jumprope on her website, tell her the Qweens sent you!

The Hood’s Voice of Reason: Vito

Brewer, a Democrat, represented southeast Queens in the Assembly from 1969 to 1977 and served as the state’s first black majority whip for several years…-

Courtney Dentch , Times Ledger

“Name one Queens independent artist out here getting paper off their music!?”

Vito says to me, as we sat during a recording session at Dat0wn Studios in the heart of Jamaica; Queens located on at 90-10 Merrick boulevard off Jamaica avenue, once studio to legendary DJ Jam Master Jay (rip). I started to name some artists but leave it to Vito to crush any thought of me winning this unknown debate we was engaging in lol… Vito wins this argument after he drops some jewels on what’s really good with some of Queens prestigious select group of popular artists who “seem” to be getting money but actually are being funded by those who have big money aka Silent Partners. Vito was like C.C.(me) I make more money off my urban fashion line “Guy Brew” than the music I create aint that some sh*t?!  Vito is a proud product from Guy R. Brewer Boulevard in  Southeast Jamaica, Queens also known as Southside Queens.

Last year Vito dropped The Yellow Tape mixtape which was hosted by the infamous DJ Roughandz of Southside Jamaica; Queens (R.I.P), recorded and mixed by Flushing, Queens own Teardropz head engineer at the Dat0wn studios with features from artists like California’s own popular Glasses Malone, Solar Don aka MadBushgibeatz (Rosexan, Skrrr) and Queens own Bynoe . Vito isn’t your typical Queens artist, Vito is Queens hip hop savior with a message called “Self Love”. The song P.S.A. off The Yellow Tape featuring StarKim is a call to the masses especially in the hood to wake up and realize how beautiful we as a people are. When I say we, People of Color. There is hit after hit on The Yellow Tape, Yo Bad featuring Doley Barneys speaks on recognition of those who actually live this hustle life rather than fronting like they about that life. Vito also brings it down a notch with a Bryson Tiller infused track entitled How you Love Dat featuring Merv Maxwell. There’s also a track for our Cloud nine folks called T.H.C. featuring  Krondon of Los Angeles and Rosexan famed 821 producer/songwriter Madbushgibeatz aka Solar Don who lays down amazing vocals for this layback banger. Vito currently runs a business called “Guy Brew” which is an urban wear fashion line very popular amongst people of Southeast Queens and all over the Queens borough area. The story behind the name “Guy Brew” for Vito’s clothing line comes from a personal stance, Guy R. Brewer was the first man of color to be Assemblyman in Southeast Queens and also first man of color to be majority whip in New York Legislature from 1969-1977. The Assembly man Brewer passed away October 1978 from prostate cancer, Guy R. Brewer boulevard is named after him, this is where Vito is from. Vito’s also familiar with the affects of cancer due to the passing of his grandfather and his father to the fatal disease. The financial proceeds from the clothing line, a percentage of it goes to the Cancer Society in an effort to finding a cure for a disease that affects Vito family till this day. You can catch Vito on Guy Brewer Boulevard front and center like the King he is, in these streets or on social media on Instagram/@grbvito . Support his movement and cop a “Guy Brew” shirt, tell him the Qweens sent ya! Peep more of the great music off The Yellow Mixtape at Soundcloud/prestigiouspenner

Hollywood Ave x Trying Hard

Hailing from the East New York section of Brooklyn comes new player to the rap game Hollywood Ave. A product straight out of New York City Boulevard Housing Community, Hollywood Ave indulged in many things typical of the environment around him, gambling, fighting, etc. But what caught his attention was the art of rap, he would do cyphers with teammates when he was a ballplayer back in school. Though the streets are very attractive, Hollywood Ave made a decision to get serious in 2009 bout his rap career when he started to pursue showcases.

Hollywood Ave has been featured in the following showcases: We Got Skills, Elegant Hoodness, Dream Power Entertainment, and DJ Starks Presents The Gwinin Team Concert. He has performed at countless clubs like Club Purlieu, Club Pyramid, and Club Five Spots. Currently Hollywood Ave is working on his new mixtape  with popular engineer/producer “Teardropz” at Dat0wn studios in the heart of Jamaica ,Queens; formerly the studio to famous DJ Jam Master Jay… so stay tune.

Baisley La x So Dangerous (BTS)

On Sunday we dropped the video So Dangerous by the King of SouthSide Jamaica Queens, Baisley La. Now we presents the behind the scenes footage with a day left before he drops new music… Check Baisley La out on and

You can stay up to date with Baisley La now on instagram/@baisleyla_gis.