DoubleCupSessions Recap…

Nice warm breezy evening back in June #DoublecupSession was the talk of Queens … guess what so will be the BBQ coming soon…
Above pictured are some of New York’s most talented individuals in the city. Joyaduhhh (@joyaduhhh) is pictured alongside one of Queens favorite’s          DJ Jus (DJ of Bow Wow and 821 Boyz ) , Georgiephacts (@georgiephacts) hails from Northside Queens and is one of the most lyrical mastermind’s we know on that side of town. He’s new school with ole school flavor. Bold and Beautiful Bombshell… Conniediiamond               (@conniediiamond ) hails from

The Bronx, spitting bars with such elegance she has a Missy Elliott vibe and a Remy Ma flow. Also pictured is Queen’s young Qween Kyah (@kyah_baby) . Kyah had us jumping on couches early 2000’s and soon went on hiatus but leave it to Joyaduhhh to shake up the Qboro a bit and here comes this…

“Diamond in the Ruff”

The city been waiting and that night Kyah Baby definitely delivered bar for bar executing every syllable and gave a jaw dropping performance alongside Baisley’s own Killy (@killy_gis) aka GQ Hefner , Queens own Rich Famous (@rich_famous) and Sport2Busy (@sport2busy). She held her own and all we have to say is Welcome Back Kyah we needed you…

You can call him Killy, GQ Hefner or perhaps even more importantly the son of infamous Supreme Team Member Black Just from Southside Jamaica, Queens (Google it)

Anyhoot,  Baisley can be either really good to you or extremely bad there’s no in between; welcome to the gritty Southside. When Killy is in the room you will know by the size of his movement. The JAKWAD Forever represents Just a Kid with a Dream and these young Kings are definitely making their dreams reality. His style is different from what u would expect from a kid living in Southside, Queens. Killy the gangsta and a gentleman has a flow that is snappy almost taken as cocky but it comes with the territory when your father is a hood legend.

Rich Famous aka our very own Buddha (inside joke) he is a big piece of the puzzle behind the collaborative with Kyah Baby which definitely was GENIUS! Rich came through and had the show on “Tilt!” Quite entertaining and creative. As a matter of fact he’s a force to be reckoned with so keep your ear to the streets for him. For more on the Doublecupsession this past June catch up on instagram/theqweens_com

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