YouTube has always been everyone’s go to supplement for quick remedies to save a couple dollars and now look at social media, it’s booming with various viral entities. One popular social platform is Snapchat, a make up artist by way of Queens of course (insert confident smile) Bianca Shadà has changed the game. ..

I went to school for music and just happened to fall in love with makeup when a friend of mines; a stylist asked if I could cover for her as a makeup artist (mua) because she canceled last minute on a photo shoot. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m humbled to have a God given talent to express my craft in various forms of beauty . A very supportive coworker and friend of mines fueled my ambition and that’s what brought bout the Snapchat idea. I want to always continue moving forward in life.

I’m inspired by the life I’m living , the love given and God. I’m Bianca Shadà a skilled and experienced make up artist. You can book me by way of the following 


Also on snapchat/beautybybianca 

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