​I am Christopher Asante and I’m a product of Queens, New York. I am the owner of Morelife Apparel.  Two years ago I officially started selling my apparel line. It’s been a process and I’ve learned so much about people and business, but I’m having fun. I’ve had many setbacks since I started but I am proud of my work and how my craft has evolved since I first began as a businessman.

The idea for the Morelife Apparel started two years ago when I was going through so much turmoil in my  life, I had recently lost a love one of mines to a senseless act of violence and was trying to figure out exactly what direction I was going in my life. It just so happened that I’ve always been into fashion, Contemporary/Urban apparel. Obviously the whole Planet is into social media like for example, Instagram. When I would post my pictures on instagram, and I would use the hashtag #imjusthappytobehere. 

The hashtag described exactly how I was feeling, especially coming from a neighborhood where you had to have tough skin. It was so rough and I have lost so many friends due to violence. As a result of using the hashtag for about a month straight, I started to get tagged by my followers and they would use the hashtag #IMJUSTHAPPYTOBEHERE 

 The reaction was a great feeling to know that people were actually following the hashtag I started. A lightbulb went off in my head saying how is it that I can I express such a positive phrase in a more impactful way. Since I love fashion, I Went Through A creative process which you can see my logo being a heart. The Lifeline part that goes up and down represented The Ups And Downs Of Life But it Went Straight Into The Heart To Let Tou Know No Matter What Your Going Through You Should Be Grateful To Have A Life Cause There Are A lot Of People That Didn’t Make It.  I Have Done a Pop Up Shop, for example The Trunk Show Sponsored By Heineken. I am still learning and advancing to be considered in the same lane as the great urban fashion giants like “Supreme” And “Bape“. Im on the grind and I hope all you people out there are on the lookout for Morelife Apparel. You Can Check Us Out On Instagram @Morelife_apparel 

My Website is being uodated Contact me at


For Any Other Inquiries. Hope To See You Shopping Soon Thank You…

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