The nation has been in an uproar for several days following the senseless murders of young Black males and the chaotic gun show down in Dallas between police and alleged #blacklivesmatter movement being the initiative behind the murder of those police officers. It is a nice surprise to know a couple of Brothers thought it not robbery to speak up and do something about their frustration with the turmoil currently affecting the nation. 

Yesterday in Jamaica, Queens our community leaders along with others concerned; marched down Jamaica Avenue hand in hand making their Jamaican voices heard across the borough. 

The following persons who were in the march were: Kevin “Element” Livingston (100 Suits for 100 Men), Larry Love, F.A.I.T.H (Fathers Alive In The Hood), Sharon Plumber (lost two sons due to gun violence), Life Camp Inc, Melech Distinguish Meir (Distinguish The God Brand) Family of George Tillman (lost his life due to gun violence). Also in the crowd was

Andre Apparicio of It’s a Process… which is an Organization based on bridging the gap between parolees and parole officers. The organization also offers assistance into re-entry issues in society, both professional and everyday living and helping to seek and maintain meaningful employment.

The purpose of the March was for the injustices caused by the Police Department and black on black crime in various communities throughout New York City. There was a lot more people who marched but the names acknowledged were more of the focal people involved.

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