Baisley La- So Dangerous

…Veteran, ride or die…loyal nicca take the risk for you…- So Dangerous

Here’s a recipe for trouble not just any trouble; we mean good trouble that good ole gangsta and a gentleman type of concoction. Ready? Ok, get a bottle and start to mix a lil of Southside gritty streets right, then add a lil of the infamous Supreme Team, now shake it up and let it simmer. Finally the finishing touch add a hood with a smile and you have Baisley La, a popular artist whose known for being called “da Mayor” or better yet

“Big Homie” from Baisley Park Housing and nephew to Queens Southside own 50 Cent of G-Unit and hit tv series Power.

This past Friday at twelve noon Baisley La dropped his popular extended track to So Dangerous and that’s just the beginning. Like his Uncle, B-La too suffered the affects of the streets when he was shot four times December 29, 2013. Though known for his gangsta ways, B-La has grown as a young man, as an artist, better yet as a person. He is in his prime and definitely ambitious, most of all unbeknownst to many who don’t know; he’s multi-talented in many areas of music anywhere from producer to director. Check out youtube/GISTV. B-La is currently working on new music, is C.E.O. of GI$ (Get it in $TACKs) and Reality Gangsta Music (RGM). Baisley La is also an affiliate of #Jakwad “Just a Kid with a Dream” a clothing/music collective. You can catch up with him on Instagram/@baisleyla_gis  and  on

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