Rich Famous x Kyah Baby-NFG

Six years ago Kyah Baby had us standing on couches, now all Summer sixteen Kyah Baby has us not giving a fuck alongside Rich Famous, together they dropped a mixtape this past Friday entitled Before the Stadium

When people say they don’t know RichFamous we say to ourselves “How, I mean why? Our guy has been dj’ing like for Forever since before your favorite DJ was on the scene. You have to respect his dedication and passion for his craft. Since high school Rich has always been unique, in 2011 Rich decided  to let the world listen. Fast forward to June 2016 Rich Famous alongside Kyah Baby performed single after single for the first annual Double Cup Session and the crowd was definitely here for it. Rich performed “I Understand”, “Go Get it”, and “No Fucks Given” alongside the Qween of Southside Queens own Kyah Baby. You can catch up  on Rich Famous and Kyah Baby on instagram: @rich_famous , @kyah_baby …. Go listen and download “Before the Stadium” out now on soundcloud.

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