Bernadette Henry is an award winning, former competitive jump roper and amateur boxer, specialty trainer, jump rope instructor and fitness expert, spreading the fun and creativity of a pastime. Jumprope! When she was 10 years old, Bernadette would spend her school recesses jumping rope with friends. Twenty-seven years later, she is a mother of three and using jump rope as a tool to inspire her community and to make the world a healthier, fitter place. She is a coach, mentor, leader and trainer for individuals searching for a way to keep fitness foremost and have fun while changing their lifestyle. – Bernadette Robinson (www.MakeItFunNyc.com)

When one needs encouragement in this fast food world we live in, one should check out this amazing spirit named Bernadette Robinson. She is full of cheer and joy everytime you peep her snapchat/bernapril20 . She hails from Brooklyn, New York and is definitely an eyesight for entertainment. Bernadette has won silver in both Jump Rope Burpee and Double Under Competitions. She also took home a bronze award in speed at the Arnolds Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Bernadette has been in health expo’s , tv shows (Dr. OZ,  Tribeca Film Fest ESPN), and had many other countless interviews.

What makes this lady do what she does? Bernadette wants exercise to be exciting and not be boring which is the ultimate key to why her jumprope idea has been so successful. Peep her on instagram/bernapril20 and cop you a jumprope on her website, tell her the Qweens sent you!

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