A different concept,The BAAC

I think if you are creative then it’s an unstoppable thing. It just keeps coming throughout your entire life. Gary Numan

Yo, CC this designer is makin moves,real moves” words said to me by head engineer Teardropz at Dat0wn Studios (90-10 Merrick blvd) .

The BAAC (pronounced Bake) is a society of creators whose belief is that in order to create, one must create their own atmosphere for creativity. The message is… We, BAAC aka Create our own existence everyday we rise up.

Formally the Big Apple AV8R club, BAAC stands for Big Apple Audio Visual (8) Forever Reigns. Hailing from Far Rockaway’s Beach 41st public housing , Paulie as he is called or Maha comes from a family with a collective of talent ranging from anything like music,modeling to fashion. It was a wake up call while making music, he used to rap; that Paulie realized his true calling was in his craft for designing clothing. 

The BAAC designs are inspired by the life style I part take in on a daily basis touched by the music culture, random people and most of all my children; they are my daily reminder of why I elevate my thought process for the better of myself and my brand. Grateful for the independence of being my own boss I’m able to create at a better level which reminds me I’ll be in South America handling business Aug 2, 2016 for the advancement of myself and my brand. 


(is currently down for updates)

Catch up with us on social media, instagram/@thebaac_

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