Been my Turn! Handsome Balla

A young kid who always had a dream of doing music and never really knew how to start it being that I had so much I wanted to express in a matter of 2 or three verses, so as time grew I just tried my best to stay consistent with it as much as possible until I was finally heard and recognized ….- Handsome Balla (East New York; Brooklyn, New York)

Growing up, Handsome Balla’s grandmother always called him handsome and it just stuck with his psych ever since. His crew always called him Balla because he is always dressed to the nines lookin fly like the young fly bawse that he is… So why is Handsome Balla the talk in these New York City streets lately?

Balla dropped his first single Trust These Niggas and the outcome was nothing but love from jump, ever since he has been consistently droppin music with hit after hit. Handsome Balla hails from the same infamous streets that birthed popular artist Uncle Murda , East New York aka Brooklyn. In Brooklyn you gotta be ready for any and everything, well Handsome Balla’s release from the hood has been through his music . He speaks of the positive space he is in currently because of his music generating such positive feedback, the only way he can go from here is UP!

Handsome Balla comes from a household who played good music like David Ruffin, Bob Marley, and Marvin Gaye just to name a few. All those moments of singing along with those legends encouraged his talent for songwriting, also infused the idea to remain realistic in his lyrics because he likes to be about what he raps about. Mostly, Handsome Balla likes his audience to feel what he is saying in his music. Balla dropped a second single entitled Rihanna and the aftermath was nothing but love, soon Handsome Balla was getting hits by some ya’lls favorite rappers then he started getting invited to shows to perform and its been good vibes since. Often stopped for photos in his hood, Handsome Balla wants his fans to know he’s not only here to entertain he’s here to deliver you his message in a couple bars so just press play and listen…. catch him on Instagram/handsome_balla  and soundcloud/ballaruffinmusic

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