Petty, but Mr. Nice Tie instead…

The most seductive thing about art is the personality of the artist himself. Paul Cezanne

Witty, observant , charming and a good fellow for conversing; Mr. Nice Tie will have you laughing, crying, raging or even dancing all at the same darn time without physically telling u to do so with just a simple click and “voila” magic happens… “Laughter” … The face of the infamous Petty Post (instagram/pettypost) we present…

Aaron Williams aka @mrnicetie hails from Kingston, Jamaica and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He started making funny memes in 2010 and gained popularity in the Instagram community with large amounts of reposts which grew his social media audience. 

Two years later he created the hashtag #pettypost featuring hilarious video memes which quickly went viral.  The idea with #pettypost is a nightly showcase of a series of the funniest content created by Mr. Nice Tie to give you the audience, the simple pleasure of laughter . You can catch him on instagram at @mrnicetie and @pettypost… He also has a series of events he hosts plus radio show and graphic designer… Mr. NICE Tie always ready to make you smile 😆

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