Lincoln Park Classic

 “My team in the cut / packin middle things / I got more foreign shooters than the Sacramento Kings” – 50 Cent (Follow Me Gangsta)

There’s nothing like Summer in New York City! One place to definitely be at is in Queens, New York specifically South Side Jamaica, Queens for some of the greatest moments in music and sports.

That’s right some of the most talented individuals in sports have come out of South Jamaica, Queens; NY. You don’t believe us here’s a few heads: Rafer Alston and Lamar Odom

Pictured @kkdadon821 x #PufftheMayor at Lincoln Park Championship game

The Qweens got to experience a special game “The Lincoln Park Classic ” hosted by a collective of those affiliated with the surrounding neighborhood of Lincoln Park. The crowd was huge, excitement at an all time high, music blazing by @african_ike (instagram) and commentator Tracy was live on the mic as the games progressed week after week… You had Lamar Odom in the park, Jakwad (Just a Kid with a Dream) which had @rahmoney116, @kingjake_gis, Puff the Mayor just to name a few that we saw, 2Gz’s , TyTrilly and New York Trap influential popular rap group 821 all in the park for the infamous Lincoln Park Classic Championship games… Ya’ll be glad to know Queens own Lincoln Park team won the trophy against the Brooklyn team on the night of August 16, 2016. 

Until next year check out those involved and connect with them on instagram.Check for past footage with us #theqweens @theqweens_com on instagram as well…

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